Team help/stand pat? Thoughts?

So I play our former champ and one of my good friends this week, and for obvious reasons, I need to win! I’m currently 2-0 and like my team, but feel like there are always things I can do to add to it. So let me know if you see any weaknesses/types of guys I should try to acquire.
QB: Lamar
RB: Kamara
RB: Carson
WR: Cooks
WR: Godwin
TE: Engram
FLEX: Manny Sanders
DST: Cowboys

BENCH: Tyreek, Marvin Jones, DJax, Brieda, Sanders, L. Murray

(He has Matt Ryan, CMC, Eckeler, Watkins, Kupp, Hooper, Josh Jacobs, Patriots)

Looks pretty stout. Only thing you are somewhat missing is a #1 WR (which I am sure was Tyreek). Tough to find one of those guys without trading your other big pieces.

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Yeah, and I considered trading Hill way to try to get one for this week, but I dont think it is worth it. Think i am gonna have to just stand pat and hope my guys produce.