Team Help!

I had the 11th Pick in a 12 team league .My current line up is
QB - Aaron Rodgers
RB - Derrick Henry
RB - Ronald Jones
WR- Odell Beckham Jr
WR - Michael Thomas
TE- Kyle Rudolph
Flex - Nelson Agholor
Flex - Devin Funchess
Defense - Jaguars
K- Adam Vinitari

Bench -
Eagles Defense
Kenny Galloday
Albert Wilson
Charles Clay
Zay Jones
Titans Defense
Mike Wallace
Jameis Winston

Is there any trade that would be fair so i can get a true #1 RB but also not gut my team ? thanks for yalls opinion.

is this a Dynasty league rookie draft? confused…

That’s a rough one man…only thing I could see is packaging d. Henry or RJones with one of ur stud receivers after week 2 or 3 if either RB plays well…I’m assuming you’d like to hang onto Roger’s with it being a 12 team , but if not , maybe Roger’s and D Henry gets it done for someone like D Freeman

Not really how to get a RB1 but should first drop Eagles, Titans and Winston for RBs and WRs on your waiver wire.

edit: Would also look to package Rodgers+someone for a RB but may be a tough sell.


this looks like dynasty, and you guys did a rookie and vet draft at the same time. so im gonna go off of that until we get more info.

you dont need 3 DEFs, you probably dont even need 2. so drop 1 if not both depending on what the DEF waiver looks like. if they are all gone, i might just stick with 2 so i would drop the titans D.

jamis winston is someone i really look at dropping. or trading for something. but thats a tough dude to figure out on whats going to happen. could end up being a great player to keep around, or he could just flame out and not play again. really hard to say, so dealers choice there.

you need more RBs. there isnt enought to rely on henry and ROJO. i love ROJO but he hasnt even played yet so to have him as your only RB besides henry is super risky. so make some drops, pick up some guys off of waivers and hope they pan out. BUT also make some trades with your WRs to get some help with RBs.

besides those things, its not a bad team. your WRs are strong at the top and decent in the middle with plenty of upside. you have a strong QB and a good TE with probably the best DEF next year. but you 100% need more at the RB position.

Take Henry and jones and swap them for a guy like Gordon or Hunt, somewhere in that range. Then use some bench players to try to snag someone like Lynch who you can squeeze a year out of. Then draft a rookie RB next year in round 1 to get your true RB2

it wasnt 2 seperate drafts. we did 1 draft with everyone included and i drafted beckham and thomas my first 2 picks . and theres like literally nobody on the waivers worth picking up. anyone in particular i should try to get ? i had an offer tevin coleman for nelson agholar . not sure its ppr league. thanks guys !

not dynasty just keeper