Team Misconceptions

Can someone explain to me why people everywhere, including the podcast, think the Chiefs defense will take steps back this year?
Notable losses: Marcus Peters, Tamba Hali who didn’t play, and Derrick Johnson.
Notable additions: Xavier Williams, Kendall Fuller, Eric Berry back from injury, Anthony Hitchens, Derrick Nnadi, Breeland Speaks, Armani Watts, David Amerson, Eric Murray back from injury, and Dorian O’daniel.

Considering the Chiefs were already ranked 32nd against the run and I believe 29th against the pass last season. It appears to me they made a lot of forward moves from last season. Derrick Johnson wasn’t what he was last season and it showed, sucks for him to be gone though. So it looks to me like discounting Kareem and by extension Spencer Ware because of their defense being “worse” seems really misguided to me.

I have not heard anyone draw a direct link between a Cheif’s ‘bad’ defense and doubting Hunt. Those are mutually exclusive.

There are independent reasons for Hunt to potentially regress:

  • Off field issues
  • Return of Spencer Ware,
  • Can team repeat offensive efficiency?
  • Lack of a true No. 1 receiver in 2017

I get the Ware portion of things. And obviously Kareem will regress from last year. But there were times in this podcast and other analysts connecting that regression to bad defense. Didnt make sense to me.

And this post was more in relation to “why do people think the defense will regress?” Than “Why do people think Hunt will regress?”

I don’t necessarily think the Chiefs’ defense will take a step back because, like you said, it can’t step back much farther. That being said I don’t see much room for improvement. The defense would have battled for worst in the league had it not been for the offense’s efficiency.

Alex Smith had a career season and Kareem Hunt did things few/no people expect to see again this season. With a young guy like Mahomes under center, it’s not easy to project better starting field position or T.O.P.

Hitchens and Ragland should be strong at LB, but where is the pass rush? Where is the talent in the secondary? Berry is solid but always an injury risk. KC is fortunate there aren’t too many elite QB’s in their division.

Pass rush gets better than last year because Dee Ford is back and they will hopefully learn from not rushing Houston in passing situations. Kendall Fuller is the best slot corner in the NFL, and Eric Berry is one of the best safeties. Lost peters but I’d say getting those two makes this secondary a better group. It won’t be a great defense, maybe not even decent, but it will be better than last year. That was my point.

Its very hard to lose a player if Marcus Peter’s caliber and get better.

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