Team misfiring to 2-2 - stick with or make changes

I never put too much stock in the first few weeks with my teams unless I’m drastically over or under performing then I’ll buy/sell high/low and make moves accordingly. This year in my main league, defending the title 12 team standard, I’m off to a mixed start. 2 wins by a hair, and while i do like my team overall the points i expected from certain guys aren’t there week to week.

I’ve survived a few injuries and mishaps as you can see with the guy but do i need to make any major moves or should i stick to my guns with my guys as i expect the points to come as my team gets healthier and players like Gronk round into form?

Any thoughts/advice?

QB - Cam, Manning (streamed so will drop for ?)
RB - Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Coleman, Kerryon
WR - Green, Baldwin, Davis, Mike Williams,
TE - Gronk
K/DST - Bailey / Ravens or stream better option

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I think your team will come into itself asap - Mixon out, Baldwin and Davis only back as of now (Davis figuratively), Kerryon hardly played til last week. Gronk/NE underperforming. Cook not himself and in non-RB friendly games. Coleman not running like a true RB1 as Falcons keep playing in shootouts and losing.

Your losses are prob mostly circumstantial in light of these things. So I wouldn’t try to change much. I might not even try to change a thing save for a really good deal. They’re all on winning teams, you have consistent TD scorers, #1 guys at each position on their respective teams.

I think you may end up wanting to do a 2:1 deal for another elite WR1 at some point, but right now I can’t see anything that needs changing. You could try to grab Devonta Freeman, or sell Coleman to the Freeman owner for a good TD target WR (on the level of Woods or Kupp maybe w/ Coleman). But owning the Atl backfield might be a fruitful thing to acquire before it’s at full force again too.

Really good team all in all.

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If there’s someone who just loves Gronk but has Ertz by chance, or maybe one or two tiers below Ertz (Burton, Rudolph, Ebron, those guys), as well as someone like Saquon or CMC maybe, I bet you could package Gronk w/ an RB or two to acquire that RB and TE replacement.

I’d only do that if it’s like clearly favorable to you though. Otherwise, I’d just wait til Mixon returns soon bc the Bengals are clicking and they have a really favorable schedule the next 4-5 weeks. And I wonder how he’s gonna be utilized since Gio has been playing pretty darn well in his absence/the games shouldn’t be too difficult offensively (on paper at least). Over this easy schedule stretch, I mean.

You could use a yardage guy like that. Maybe Julio somehow too.

I am of the same mind, i think if i’d gone 0-4 to start i might have started to tilt a little more but as you say i feel like with a few studs and a lot of #1 options i should be due for some positive regression sooner rather than later.

Agree on the WR1, if i can find someone struggling in a few weeks maybe a 2 for 1 can be done but for now I can’t see anything i’d like to change that makes me feel better about my team for a cost that wont ultimately hurt my depth. In fairness i did start badly i owned and started Fournette, Hogan and Baldwin week 1 who i parleyed into Gronk, Green and Williams so one blow out loss with half my team injured or goosing and one close one isn’t too much to panic about.

Waiver wise i have the Browns DST and Eli to drop, i thought both would be much better this week. Looking at Edelman to add and either the Titans DST for this week as my opponent has no DST with Bears off and the rest are bad matchups. Failing that guys like Yeldon, Lat Murray if i have to or Hines are on my radar - agree that Edelman and the Titans should be grabbed for this week and the other three back up options if i cant get either done? I’m prioritising Edelman as the Titans are a one week rental and he could be useful ROS

Yeah i don’t hate that, i’m sure people will come and kick the tyres on Gronk this week after a few down games in a row but yeah if i don’t get a stud back i’ll hold and see. Agree on the Bengals never thought i’d be leaning on two players but Green and Mixon when back could really be studs for my team with Eifert out again there’s only three main guys there for targets and touches.

Agree but the guy who owns him is a falcons fan and wont part ways I’ve tried a few times lol

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Yeah I was gonna say Edelman soon as you mentioned him. He could be a quick, cheap way to get a pure workload/yardage guy (w solid TD potential in him) for now until your team gets into the groove a bit more. I like the Titans defense as well, but since you have Baltimore I’d def prioritize getting Edelman above them.

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Ha I can empathize w him as a fellow Falcons fan. Some of us may be getting fed up with our team at the moment though so who knows…

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Well done working your way out of the Fournette hole though. Yeldon isn’t a bad idea to stash if he’s free too, but still Edelman above him. But Fournette owner might be needing Yeldon a lot more thru the season. Or Yeldon could take over even more, or altogether, at some point.

From a fan perspective being in shootouts and loosing is the worst, they’re far too good a team to be 1-3. For fantasy though all those defensive injuries have forced the offense to go back to it’s high scoring ways so owning a piece has become essential along with the Rams there aren’t too many teams like that right now. I missed Ridley but got Williams in the last waiver rounds, still not 100% sure if that was the right call i could have had Ridley sooner but stuck with Williams - having TD regrets now!

Been superb for fantasy for sure. I have Matt Ryan and Devonta, and added Sanu for this week which turned out quite well. So at least have something to show for these painful losses they keep putting me through…

I think Williams will be finding the end zone more for sure. The game yest was kind of an awkward one so they just couldn’t connect like last week.

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Agree if i can’t get Edelman I’ll stash Yeldon, he may be a good play for a few weeks and who knows what will happen with Fournette long term this year. Yeldon and Coleman have become those essential holds just Coleman isn’t quite getting it done with his opportunity right now.

Thanks i was pleased to do it! Through a series of trades i manged to rid myself of Fournette and Josh Gordon headaches along with Hogan, Stills, Reed, Henry, Conner (sniped and leverage traded) and turned them into Mixon, Cook, Green and Gronk which was a task but talked my way through them all (Cook and Mixon were pre week 1) so got a lot of ROS headaches out for some temporary ones but hopefully high reward guys long term

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Brilliant. You hit a home run there. Made the most and more out of those guys to upgrade to guys who will undoubtedly pick up the pace and consistently perform through the season.

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And yeah Coleman/Ito duo clearly less effective than Freeman/Coleman on the ground at least, so hopefully Freeman gets back this Sunday against Pitt. But it’s also a result of the shootout games. Same w/ Cook, although he has yet to really show anything period. That’s kind of the case with the whole Vikings team though right now. I think they’ll raise their level of play a lot after they get through this week at Philly and return home.

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Your team is fine but you probably played Cook this week. RBs shoudl basically be Gordon + kerryon until there’s full confirmation Mixon or Cook are ready to go.

Thanks and i actually played safe and benched him, sadly i also bench Davis for Williams but based on form and matchups i’m not kicking myself for that one just didn’t pan out this week, Gronk, Williams and the Browns DST in good matchups really underperformed and cost me.

Agree on the RBs though, i mean if Coleman is the starter again i’m happy to flex him in there but yeah Mixon and Cook are waiting in the wings just need to weather the injury storm right now


Yeah I played williams because of the matchup too, and I have rivers as my QB. And I lost.