Team Name Change Rule

My league is debating on implementing a new rule for team name changing. The rule goes if you change your team name you must pay the league $5 first. What do you think of this? (It is a Dynasty League by the way).

Why does it matter? That sounds like a stupid rule. I change my name every year for funny puns, that sounds ridiculous

Like does your league hate fun? I don’t understand

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I also do not understand.
What is the background on why this is coming up?

A few leaguemates have already changed their names once or twice. Personally I could care less about a name change. The ones bringing this rule to light basically see the teams as your franchise using the “light humoured” reason of “you can’t have your fans buying your team name and then change it every week.” We like to have fun but I guess we like to be professional as well. haha

I still disagree with this, it’s not like you guys actually have fans, it’s not really hurting anyone. Just seems like someone wants to be a little controlling to me.

If you want your league to be more immersive and play feeling like actual “team owners” then absolutely.

I cannot imagine myself playing in a league like that. I mean if (when) I trade Goff I don’t still want to be called “Bend Over And Goff”

I agree because at the rate this guy is going, my team won’t be “Yeezus and J-How” for much longer. haha

The silliest part of the rule to me is:
If it goes to Vote those who are prone to/enjoy changing their team names will just reset to one they would like to use longer term.

The only way I could ever imagine myself investing $10 (at the end of the day) for a rule like this would be to smack talk one of my league rivals through a team name. I guess that would be an added level of fun. Knowing someone spent $5 just to change their team name to smack talk.
But overall: I don’t imagine anyone utilizing this. Meaning it’d just be a rule for the sake of having a rule because some people are taking the game perhaps a little too serious.

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