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Team Name Help!


Footclan, I need your help! I need a new team name, but I’m having trouble coming up with one. I want to stay away from player names. Here are things specific to me:

  • I like Marvel Movies (esp. Captain America
  • I am mediocre at Fantasy Football
  • I was awful in my league last year
  • I’m the commish
  • I’m bald
  • I’m a Kids Pastor
  • I like the Oklahoma Sooners
  • I live in Texas

Any ideas? The best I’ve got this year is “Captain Rodgers”–a cross between Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) and Aaron Rodgers. Like I said though, I’m trying to stay away from player names.


My daughter and I are huge Marvel fans.

How about Captain Sooner: The Mediocre Avenger


The Sooner The Balder


Following year, Captain Sooner: The Fantasy Pastor
And the next, Captain Sooner: Commish War


I like it!


If you liked DC Comics, you could go Lexcorp. And I mean maniacal, Kevin Spacey-style Luthor, not that whiny, millennial Luthor Snyder tried to push in BvS: Yawn of Justice.


DC kinda zorks … except for Batman.