Team Names?

Anyone real proud of any team names they came up with for this year.

Team/player related or just funny anyways?

Usually I do pretty well but its a struggle this year just curious of what you all went with

My teams this year were kind of a retrospective of some of the best team names I’ve used over the years–mixed in with a few new ones.

Snake Pigsskin
Snake Pigsskin was new for 2021.

Sons of Overtime
From back when Sons of Anarchy was popular.

It's On Like Ndamukong
One of my favorite player-name related team names.

This has long been a standard of mine that I’ve used for over 20 years. As we all know, kakorrhaphiophobia is the fear of failure, and the “axe” at the end makes it personal.

Mike Ditka in a Box
The Lonely Island helped me gain a whole new respect for Justin Timberlake.

More Than A. Thielen
It’s been a great name given his hot start.

The Golden Tate Warriors
Is he even still in the league any more?

The Virus
This one was new for 2020, but it’s lingering into 2021.

Team of Extraordinary Genitals
It’s an oldie but a goodie, and it became even more apropos when I drafted a team where every player has a Week 7 bye.

Brandin' Hairy Asses
This was just a one-off because it features two Brandins (Cook and Aiyuk) and two Harrisseses (Najee and Damien).

Pair o' Dice Found
Also a one-off due to the league’s starting lineup–2QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 2Flex, 2K, 2D.

Victorious Secret
A beloved team name, but so far, it’s not particularly descriptive, given some early season hiccups with Aiyuk and Mostert.

Stakes on the Gridiron
Another one that hasn’t fared well through the first two weeks.

On another site, I have this as a managed league:
The JPP Incident

And my ten Best Ball Championship leagues were all snake drafts, so I gave them all snake names…
Snake Handler

Snake Charmer

Snake Helix

Snake at Night

Snake Skins

Snake Snacks

Snake Eyes

Snake Lake

Snake Plisskin

5000 Snakes
That last one was for the 5000th draft in the RTSports Best Ball Championship.

And finally, a couple of personal ones…
Axe of God

Axe Me No Questions

I always kind of wanted to name a team “Off to Guys,” so if I lose, I can say, “You beat who??” but I’m Axe Elf, so I never draft teams bad enough to be worthy of that name.

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I think the " its on like Ndamukong" Might be my favorite among these.

I feel like there was a lot of options for covid type names as well.

Ive won twice in a row with “A Team has no Name” When Game of Thrones was still in its peak and the commish had the plaque for the trophy made wrong last year (made it for this year) and has me winning it again so that name has to stay but my other league is nameless currently…