Team Questions 12 man standard

I have been getting a ton of offers for my RBs. I am debating on just keeping my team the way it is. I would like your thoughts if I am weak anywhere or thoughts on how to improve.
QB- Cousins
RBs- Fournette, Hunt, Gurley, Duke, Mack, Ivory
WRs- Michael Thomas, Shepard, Djax, Thielen
TEs- Engram, Doyle
D/St- Bengals
K- Elliott

Thanks guys

Keep Fournette, Hunt and Gurley, the only guy I would trade any of them for is LeVeon.

I’m not so high on Sterling and would probably pick up Corey Davis and play Djax this week but I’m crazy like that.

The only RB I would think about trading is Mack but it’s probably better to hold him. If you want to make a move and Mack has another good week maybe see if you can get a solid WR2 or underperforming WR1 and hope they pop in the second half of the season.