Team rating/input please guys

I drafted from the 10 spot in a 12 team league. It’s standard scoring, redraft league. My gut reaction is too many packers but would like your opinion:

QB: Cam

RB: Aaron Jones, Freeman, Lindsay, brown, Peterson.

WR: D. Adams, ju-ju, Westbrook, DJax, MVS, Marvin Jones,

TE: Eifert (streaming)

K: Crosby (stream)

Def: Eagles (Stream)

Cheers guys.

No issue going Adams first at 10 in standard but… I would feel a lot better going RB at the short turn - who was there out of interest?

You could have had Jones and Freeman in the flex with another RB from your second round which would be better in standard I feel.

Solid team but I think you may struggle at RB, especially if Freeman struggles or gets hurt again and Lindsey doesn’t get close to last years form.

There was the usual RB run at the start. I could have taken Delvin Cook on the turn. I chose to go WR/WR. I figured I am
Week at RB, Royce Freeman is still on the waiver wire. Would it be worth pairing Lyndsay/Royce? Or else perhaps look at trying to trade for someone like Matt Breida in a flex type role?

Ah I think I would have gone Cook for sure, starting Adams, Cook, Jones and Freeman would have been strong in standard!

But with what you have I would find the inevitable WR weak rosters and take a look at their RB2 and 3. See if any of your WRs bar Juju and Adams plus Lindsey or Freeman can get you a better RB in return.

Jones will be a good RB2 with major upside and Adams and JuJu will be soldi and will get the yards and TDs to be good in non PPR scoring. I would like to get a better RB1/2 if you can.

Otherwise roll the dice into week 1 and see what happens and trade to the owners who experience the week 1 tilt. I’d probably drop DJax

Just checking - no one like Jackson, Ekeler, Bredia, Hill, Singletary etc are on the wire?

Royce would be good to hold through week 1 just in case you have a time share on your hands or Lindsey gets hurt

Jackson is on the waiver wire, everyone else is off the board.

I’d put DJax down for Jackson quickly. Gordon isn’t playing week 1 and likely not for a while, he must be rostered ASAP.

Also if they trade him… the upside is decent with Jackson