Team Takeover Needed for Playoffs - IDP Keeper League

10 team , IDP, PPR, 2QB, Unlimited Keeper, Auction Draft

In the second year of this league, all members are from these forums. Really engaging and fun league with lots of features that gives owners a lot of control of their franchise. This league is very involved and not for the casual weekend warrior.

Very active league except for one owner who we are looking to replace. We have a Rookie Draft in May and, to avoid tanking, picks 1-4 in the Rookie Draft go to places 7-10 (so consolation playoffs are playing for high Rookie Draft picks). Not going to lie, the team you’d be taking over needs some help, that’s why I want to get a new owner now so that you can at least put up a fight for the Rookie Draft and to make roster adjustments before end of season.

If interested email and I will send you the League Rules for you to review as well as the roster you’d be taking over.

Any $$ buy in or free?