Team Thoughts and Suggestions

Curious what you all think about my team. Half point PPR, my first time ever drafting in a 14 team league. What I like: I like my QB, I like my RBs, I like the potential on my bench. What I don’t like: My WRs are mediocre at best, for starting ones. I am banking on hitting a home run with one of a few bench players (Penny, Kerryon, Williams, Sutton, Golladay). An * next to a player denotes the players I plan on being able to flex into the flex spot based on performance.

QB - Rivers
RB - Alvin Kamara
RB - Devonta Freeman
WR - Amari Cooper
WR - Robby Anderson
Flex - Jamison Crowder*
D - Packers
K - Prater

Courtland Sutton*
Kenny Golladay*
Mike Williams*
Blount - May drop
Brandon Marshall - cause why not…

Thoughts? Thanks all!