Team underperforming Any Moves?

12 man Half ppr 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 flx

Kamara, CMC, Mixon, Patterson, CEH
Keenan, Diontae, Thielen, AB, Meyers

I feel like I have a great team started 4-2 and lost 3 straight… I also have the most points against by almost 200 after this week…

Do I try to make any more moves or just trust that this team is good and should do better and maybe people wont have their season best when they face me

Your team has no real worries apart from Rodgers but that’s temporary. I think it’s stay the course and know you have quality players who will perform and hopefully your bad luck of opponents hitting big against you slows down.

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Thanks thats how I feel. I mean maybe try to pair like Theilen and Clyde or Patterson to get a more top WR1 like Kupp but thats unlikely but thats about all I feel like I could do to upgrade more.

Maybe try to trade Rodgers and a piece to get more security at QB?

Perhaps the adams owner is worried too? Maybe try Allen and Patterson for Adams?

I think Rodgers is back soon and will be productive. He’ll just be an annoyance to anyone in the media expecting cooperation.