***Team update advice***

Here’s the deal. I’m 3-2 (5th) in 12 team standard (6pt QB TD) and I’m trying to make some improvements.

My team
Dak, A.Jones, Carson,Cooper,Adams,Kelce, FLEX,
Bench is Bridgewater, Mal.Brown, Mostert, Scary T, Singletary, A.Tate.

On the wire
R.Anderson, J. Ross, most WR2s & RB2s are out there.

Anyone have any advice of what position(s) to upgrade.

Your team is good man. Mostert and Bridgewater are both easily droppable for another piece, I would definitely pick up Robby Anderson for the upside that he’ll be better with Darnold. Also, not sure what WR2’s/RB’s means because if there are RB2’s on the waiver wire they should be owned.

Sorry, by WR2s & RB2s I mean guys like:
Jones, Hilliman, I. Smith, Edwards, Mattison, Pollard, Bolden
Slayton, Williams, Robinson, MVC, KeKe, R.Anderson, Westbrook, Deebo

Problem is I only have a 6 deep bench. My flex right now is Edmonds