Tear My Draft Apart

10 Team, full PPR

QB: Josh Allen
RBs: Bell, K. Johnson, S. Michel, D. Montgomery, M. Sanders, A. Peterson
WRs: OBJ, Diggs, M. Williams, E. Sanders, Fitzgerald, G. Tate
TE: Vance McDonald

How’d I do? Any trade advise maybe?

honest opinion for worst case senario, you dont have anything concrete. between bell and OBJ switching teams, diggs, michel, and KJ all having injury history, the rookies, and the old and old but also injured of peterson, fitz, tate, and sanders, and then williams who looks to take on a bigger roll but could also fall to the curse of the chargers… every single one of your guys is suspect. every single one could fail…

but, the truth is i like this team a l lot. tons of potential, old heads that are reliable and rookies on a good team. you have balance across your team from QB to TE. i would look to upgrade allen but thats nit picky because he should be usable. solid B+ IMO.

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I like it, different than most of my team makeups but I think barring multiple injuries at the same position you’ll be in good shape. Sanders looking more like the starter but I’m sure will lose a few carries earlier in the year. If your top 3 receivers perform as they should that’s a tough matchup every week for your opponent. I have no problem with Josh Allen other than his weapons may not be of the quality of other guys around his value however he had huge weeks last year with limited weapons as well! Injuries would be my only concern but that can happen to any team!

Good luck!

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Hahaha dang you’re absolutely right. 99% of the team is up in the air with either injury history, new roles or new offenses in general. I guess I just gotta pray most of them work out!

haha you said tear me apart so i did. :man_shrugging:

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Works to get the feedback you need haha.

Rate my team lol I need to be told the hard truth too !

haha post it man, i aint afraid to poke holes in your team!

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I’m Pick #7!! We had keepers I kept Chubb RD 13 FULL PPR