Ted Ginn, Jay Ajayi, or Danny Woodhead?

Who should I start in flex for this week between Ted Ginn, Jay Ajayi, or Danny Woodhead? I’m leaning towards Woodhead because this is a full point ppr league and Ajayi isn’t getting that much volume. What are your guy’s thoughts on this?

Woodhead especially in a PPR he is their game plan

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I really want to see what Ajayi can do with a full work load! That last game was so frustrating. Ginn, Ajayi or Woody all have huge upside. At the same time they could all have dud games. Ginn faces a top ten secondary. At this point I think Woodhead is your safest bet.

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If its a ppr league def woodhead. Without a set back last week id have to assume he’ll be more involved. Baltimore with also probably need to score points this week and wont get out to such a large lead.


I’m going Woodhead thanks for the advice guys.

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