Ted Ginn or Calvin Ridley

Ted Ginn or Calvin Ridley? Flex?
I’ve got those two plus JuJu, Jarvis, Josh Gordon and Brandon Marshall.
Starting JuJu and Jarvis. Can’t decide who to flex?

Do you need high floor or high ceiling against this week’s opponent?

My opponent played Brandon cooks and Adam thelin… I need the points this week.

Also just made a small adjustment to my lineup. I now own Tyler Boyd. So am debating between Ridley, boyd and Ginn

Ridley or Boyd give you the highest upside here IMO. I’m starting Boyd over M Williams, Ginn and J Brown in my flex this week. The Atl/Cin game is going to be a points monster this week and Boyd or Ridley both have big potential to play a role. If you listen to yesterday’s podcast/video on this site, they debate the Boyd/Ridley question in detail.

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Ridley or Boyd… If AJ dont play put in Boyd… If AJ does play I would put in Ridley… Falcons will be playing catch up that whole game I think… That means lots of work for Julio and Calvin

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Ridley all day. He is the clear cut WR2 on a pass heavy team that will have to constatly play catch up because their Defense lets teams get huge leads. Ginn is tried and true but I want the young blood. you know wut Im sayin

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I sure do. He’s been a beast and on a past heavy offense Ridley is looking like the clear 2 and I’m going to play him. Thanks everyone for the help :fist:t3:

Ridley. I’m rolling with him because Falcons secondary is in awful condition. Going to be another shootout. Julio is always banged up as well but seems that is always the case.

Ginn is a safe play but they are starting to sift out their WR’s over there. Meredith, Carr good possibility they will pilfer a few grabs from Ginn moving forward. Both are good plays though.

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I would go Boyd either way. He is more involved that Ridley even if AJ plays. Ridley is going to be boom bust and he just had a boom.

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AJ said he is fine. Boyd is a great move and I will be starting him. If AJ was out that is actually very bad. Boyd would be drawing one of the best CB’s out there. He needs Aj in there.

This is the line up.
Debated on swapping Jarvis for Boyd but sounds more like a risk then a for sure thing.

Call me crazy but i think Boyd has more upside than Landry. Who knows who Mayfield has a better connection with at this point? If our small sample size is any indicator, it may be Callaway. Dalton and Boyd have a clear connection and I just believe that is the better offense and game to be in. I’d start Boyd over Landry if i were you.

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Don’t think you’re crazy. I thought the same thing.
Plus Oakland has been able to keep games low scoring and close for most of their games.
Sounds like a good idea to me. Might end up being a game day decision lol

I would go with Boyd. That situation is more stable and more upside. Jarvis is the safe pick but I did that last week and lost with that attitude with a harder call; James White or Ridley. Boyd is in a great position if AJ is out there drawing the hard matchup.

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