Ted Ginn or Corey Davis rest of season?

I have Ginn but I don’t know that I’ll ever trust him enough to start him. When Snead returns he may be the 3rd option whereas Davis has the potential to be the #1. Am I crazy to drop Ginn and pick up Davis?

I have Nelson, D. Thomas, Fitzgerald, Theilen, Garçon & Ginn.

Drop Garcon for Davis?

I think you will be playing with those top 3 players most the time anyway. I like Ginn when thomas gets matched up with a Shut down CB.

I agree and I really like Thielen as a flex right now for bye weeks. I’m in a 3 WR, 2 RB & 1 Flex league so 4 confident WR are a plus. I have a lot of depth at RB.

I like Garçons potential as the #1 in Shannahans offense if they get it working.

Davis definitely has the higher ceiling long-term and would be my pick. He led the Titans in receptions last week and I only see that share growing over time.

Once Snead returns, and with Ingram and Kamara being pass-catching backs, Ginn might become even less reliable.

This week I would go Ginn > Davis, but every week moving forward I’d go Davis > Ginn.

Good luck.

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Thanks! Ginn was my last pick so I don’t have much heartburn losing him and taking a chance. Deal is done I’ve dropped him and added Davis. I’ve been trying to shop Ginn to everyone in my league but no one seems to want him.

I’m in the same boat. I have Ginn on my bench but thinking of dropping him for C. Davis. I think Davis has better match ups toward the playoffs. Hopefully he stays healthy.

isnt garcon done for the year

Yes he is. This thread is from back in September…