Teddy Bridgewater - Dynasty

Hey clan!

Whats the feeling around Bridgewaters long term value in Fantasy, Brees coming to an end and they just re-signed Teddy to a 1 year contract, Is he the replacement for Brees long term or just a handy expensive back up?

I know the Saints are big fans of both Teddy and Taysom Hill but is it worth having Teddy in Dynasty or just wait and see to what happens?

(I have Watson and Cam so definitely not in any danger to have Teddy on my team at all)

Just wanted peoples thoughts on his long term value


In a single QB league I’m not rostering Teddy unless the bench is super deep.

In Superflex/2QB, there are 6 other QB backups that I would rather roster for 2019.

  • Daniel Jones
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Case Keenum
  • Josh Rosen
  • Tyrod Taylor
  • Blake Bortles

Then Teddy.

Teddy is a nice hold but the payoff is so far into the future that I’m not sure it’s worth the roster position.