Tell me how nuts I am

For having this urge to drop DCook for Gus Edwards. I know, it’s one game and “don’t chase the points”, but man that kid looked good and was used heavily. It obviously is contingent on Jackson remaining the QB - which i think he is being grossly overvalued in fantasy right now.

I’m not not sure if Cook is going to get it rolling with the schedule they have ahead. This feeling defies logic and is against what any fantasy expert would recommend, I know. But it’s a strong feeling I have.

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I was chasing after Collins due to ROS match ups. Gus Edwards is looking good and knowing he has some great match ups ahead…makes me think too. My uncle told me in horse racing never play the injured :racehorse: horse

Expand on that last piece of advice your uncle gave you please, how it is applicable here. I’m interested to know and my be oblivious for not realizing.

Dalvin Cook is coming off an injury he can reaggrevate. Gus Edwards 100% healthy. If he’s the man with his schedule I would rather have him ( a healthy horse in horse racing) compared to d cook a great well know back with a name but he’s hurt) in a horse race is rather have the healthy horse over an injured on best. Best chance at winning a race

*over an injured well known RB.

I already gave up on the season in my 4 person keeper league… I just put in a bid for almost the rest of my FAAB for Edwards hoping he turns into a legite starter I can use as a keeper. I kept COllins from last year and that is partially why I am out of the playoffs…

4 person keeper league?

To each his own i suppose, but that sounds extremely boring