Tell me I am insane?

So my WRs are Adam Thielan, Chris Godwin, Cooper Kupp, Robbie Anderson, Marvin Jones, Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson and Tyreke Hill…

RBs are Alvin Kamara, Chris Carson, Matt Breida and Devonta Freeman.

I offered someone Robbie Anderson and Demarcus Robinson for Raheem Mostert. With the idea of opening up a roster spot for any defense or extra player in the future to fill it. I rather make the trade and get someone back for these players than just cut them. I have BAL defense and was thinking of picking up another D to play instead of BAL but i would need to cut one of those WRs and not willing to do it for just nothing at least I’m getting a RB and handcuff of Breida in the process… Am I right for this move?

Considering how strong your team is, it’s hard to fault your logic here. You will eventually need another DEF and if your league is stingy and tends to hoard things (like mine is) you probably don’t want to wait till the last minute. I also have Robby and if I could turn him into something else I need - I’d do it, too. He’s just taking up bench space right now and will be (at least for me) until Darnold comes back or until I can turn him into something else.

And giving up Robinson may not be as risky as it feels if Hardman is still available on your Waivers, too. Mostert is looking great and I would put my hands on him, too, if it were possible.

Not sure what sort of League you are in - I’m replying from the perspective of a 10 team re-draft 1/2 ppr.

I’m in a 12 - 1/2ppr leagues myself. I was able to make the trade and do feel pretty good about grabbing Mostert especially with Freeman being a risky play at this point.