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Tell me if I’m wrong 💯 need advice at flex


I have Funchess in my flex as of now but I don’t have much options on my bench.

On my bench: Cameron brate@det
Greg Olsen @ min
Peyton barber@det

Who’s the best option? Or should I stick with Funchess?


When deciding note that Martin cleared protocol. I’d try to watch for any indication whether Martin or Barber starts. I have to think the possibility of huge numbers of carries has tohave taken a hit with martin’s return.


I would stick with Funchess. He’s the only receiver in town. The rest are bad in Carolina. He should get enough targets to be relevant even with a gritty matchup. If you don’t want to use him then Brate would be my second choice.


What brate over witten@nyg at te?