Tell me I'm crazy, talk me down from being silly

Have Baldwin in my starting lineup. Hate the matchup, worried a little about the knee, but you should always start your studs.

Was thinking of doing something crazy and going with Geronimo over Baldwin. Primetime game against the Bears, so Aaron Rodger will probably throw for close to 400 yards. Think Cobb will be limited by the foot, and can see Geronimo having a good game.

I’m being too cute right? I know, start Baldwin and don’t try to be too clever. But I do like it when I make a crazy move and it works out.

I’m not a big believer in always start you’re studs once you get outside of the like top 15 players or so. Especially, when it comes to WRs. The only matchup proof WRs are AB/OBJ/Nuk/MT/JJ/Allen/AJ Green/Adams. Those are guys I start no matter what. The next tier of guys which includes guys like Baldwin/Hill/Cooper/Hilton/Diggs, I also love, consider them studs but I do consider matchups.

Baldiwn is going up against harris who in my eyes is like a top 5 CB in the league, always has been, most disrespected and underrated CB in the NFL. Seatle has no other offense and baldwin has a bummed knee. Probably the worst situation possible. There are guys I’d consider starting over Baldwin in this situation.

I say all of that to say this. Geronimo Allison, is not one of them

Don’t be cute man. Play Baldwin. I have much better receivers than Allison and I’m still starting Baldwin in my league.


I concur ^^^^

I could also start Crowder.

No, just no lol.