Tell me it'll be ok. /What do you need

Half ppr Im up 125.6 -118.7

He has T. Higgins
I have Pitt D

I feel like I should be ok with Cincy using a backup qb but praying for no long td for higgins.

Lets make it to the finals! What do you guys need?

Damn- just 7 points. I’d be sweating it.
Oh wait no, you have Pittsburgh D too. It’ll probably end up being tighter than you want but I think Pittsburgh has a perfect opportunity for a get right game. I’m pulling for you.

I need James Connor to not score 24 points!!!

Just need 1 pick six from their backup qb. that would really seal it away. Any kind of big game out of cincy and i could be in real trouble but that seems fairly unlikely… Sweating it for sure!

It’s Finley, right?
insert drool emoji

It is. But its also fantasy and we all know how crazy dumb swings happen for seemingly no reason… The Jets won yesterday… Anything can happen

So crazy, I had Rams D and I thought that would have been an automatic 15 points.

Hopefully you made it through that? They had no buisness shutting down akers on me either… should have played monty over him… hindsight though

Yeah man, luckily I blew out my opponent so I didn’t need them but still.
Guess that just comes to prove, despite the match up, Indy Colts D stays in.

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Enough about my team, like you said, what does everyone else need?!

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I am up 29.5 and they have the Pitt D.

Still sweating lol.

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That makes me feel better but unless you have some crazy scoring for defenses in your league 30 out of a D i dont think has even happened once this year atleast in our scoring format.

Id feel good about that spot


A stat correction. Lost by 0.16.


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Oh man… sincerely hope you get an extra sack thats so rough… although if you do get a stat correction think of the pain youll move to your opponent, would be wild. Heres to hoping!

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That was a little scary there for you.
Congrats! You made it through!


that got wayy to close. what a trash game and the level of panic in me was high but here we are going to the championship trying to bring it home for the 2nd year in a row! LETS GO

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