Tell me this isn't dumb....question about the Baller's starts of the week

I have 3 of the Baller’s starts of the week on my roster: Jared Goff, Kerryon Johnson, and John Brown. But I only plan on starting Goff. I want to make sure I am not dumb for dismissing their suggestions for other players on my roster.

I plan on benching Kerryon because I have Gurley and McCaffrey.
I plan on benching John Brown because I have Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, and Mike Evans.

I wanted to play Robert Woods in the Flex over Johnson or Brown.

This is the correct decision right?

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Yeah woods should have a huge game

Yeah dude, thats perfectly fine.

yea, you’re fine with that. The purpose of starts of the weeks is just to give you some confidence in generally more questionable plays.

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Woods for sure with Kupp out with an injury!

I LOVE it when the Ballers mention a bunch of my players on starts of the week and my opponent’s players on pump the brakes.

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And over their starts of the week / articles on who to play from other places always remember the rankings!
Especially if you’re looking at one group’s advice. Look at their rankings after.

They may really tout one player as a great play for the week… But might have a (or many) players with a higher confidence level ranked higher.
In this case it was unanimous on their start/sit tool (rankings checker) that Woods should be started over both Johnson & Brown.