Tell me who to Drop

12 team League - Currently 8-2 1st place, second place is 7-3 and 60+ points behind me.

Here is my ROS roster:

I just dropped Elliot to pick-up Olsen. Who should I drop to fill my kicker position?

QB - Mariota
RB - Gordon - Hunt
WR - Green - Julio
TE - Engram
Flex - Carlos Hyde
K - Empty
Def - Jax

Bench - Ekeler - Corey Davis - Hogan - David Johnson - Rod Smith - Jamaal Williams - Greg Olsen

Steam it. I️ stream kickers every week depending on matchups. Worked so far. Play the matchup with whoever is left that’s on the team that’s gonna get close to the goal but the run defense they play are good. That’s what I’ve done. I’m not first place but my kicker always outscores the other kickers.

So who do I drop?

Rod Smith.

If this is a redraft league I’d drop DJ… Zeke had more value for you if you make it to the Championship. DJ’s coach doesn’t think he’ll be back… Keeper i’d go smith also

Sorry, I meant Kicker Jake Elliot, I dropped him because I think kickers are flexible, however, now I sit here trying to figure out who I want to drop so I can fill my kicker position.

Id go with DJ… unless you’re in a keeper league

I would drop Rod Smith if you have to. Johnson has already stated that he wants to play even if they have a losing record and no shot at the playoffs. It will be up to the coaching staff to see if he plays, but his upside is way more than Rod Smiths, plus with the RBs you have I dont honestly see a situation where you would play Smith.

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