Tell me who to Keep!

8 man Keeper ( i know that’s a lot). You start 1 qb, 2 RB’s, 2 WR and 1 TE… no flex ,Half PPR, QB 6 points for a TD.

Here’s my team…who would you keep…

Dak, Stafford,

RB: Shady, Kamara, T. Coleman, Crowell, J. Williams,

WR: A. Brown, Thielen, J. Gordon, Doctson, Godwin

TE: Graham, Njoku

Stafford - i think Dak will regress even more
Kamara - shady is up in age
Brown thielan and gordon

I like stafford too but in the draft there will in theory 20 qb’s to chose from not including the rookie QB’s.

I was thinking of just getting one at the draft or Stream weekly

Go back and look at previous years to see who keeps QBs, who keeps 2 QBs, and all that stuff. Get a feel for who keeps what position and what will be available in your draft. If everyone is usually keeping 1 to 2 QBs, I would keep Stafford, otherwise screw that man, save that keeper spot for another RB/WR!

I would keep:
Kamara, Shady, Coleman, Crowell
Brown, Thielen, Gordon

Those 3 WRs you absolutely cannot give up, and as for Graham you will not find any TEs in the draft with nearly as much upside as him (unless someone has an absolutely stacked roster and doesnt want to keep a valuable TE)
Those RBs should provide a good amount of safety. You are essentially eliminating the first 8 rounds of your draft, so RBs will be thin out there.
Basically, in the later rounds of drafts (9+) I find tons of WRs with upside and QBs that are streamable. I would keep the players I listed above for that reason.


Do you have to keep 8? What happens if you keep less?

My suggested keepers (if it has to be 8):
Antonio Brown
Alvin Kamara
Adam Thielen
Josh Gordon
LeSean McCoy
Telvin Coleman
Jimmy Graham
Jamaal Williams

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Do not use a keeper on QB at this point most will go late in the draft or undrafted and you can stream them if needed

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I would keep

T. Coleman

This may finally be the year Doctson breaks out, he showed signs last season.

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