Temperature Check on Keenan Allen

Does he still finish in the top 12 this season?

Yes, easily IMO. Need look no further than last year. For some reason, dude starts off slow it seems and then absolutely explodes later on in the year. He is a target hog and needs a bunch of targets to be a beast. Rivers loves the dude, they are going to get him involved. I think he was hurt last week too which could explain why he wasn’t given as much work.

I just went and bought low on Keenan Allen and am more than willing to continue buying. I’ve seen the guy play. He’s a baller and know what he can do. Very few receivers I would take over Allen ROS. It’s basically just MT, OBJ, Nuk, AB that I would 100% take above him. Others I think that are close to him are Cooks, Hill, JJS, AJ Green.

Always appreciate your feedback!
I was offered a trade to get Keenan Allen and Yeldon for Antonio Brown. I’m in a 14 team .5ppr league.
Currently have Fournette, J. Howard, C. Thompson, & P. Lindsay at RB;
AB, Larry Fitz, Kenny G, Callaway, and Goodwin.

Is keeping AB the right decision?

What’s your record?

Keep Antonio unless you think you cantgo will potentially losing some games until Fournette is back

2-2. Thinking about it more, letting go AB would be a huge mistake. Appreciate the take.

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Keep AB. I am also buying AB anywhere and everywhere. I myself tried to make an offer of Keenan Allen+ for AB yesterday and got turned down.

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Yes, and I wouldn’t be worried about him. He gives you a solid baseline & him monster games should likely win you the week. Last season he put up about 40% of his season’s production in just 4 games. He only had 3 games under double digits in ppr.

Just for reference I went back to 2015 when he played 8 games (missed almost all of 2016) and he had about 60% of his entire production in 3 of the 8 games (with just 1 game under double digits in ppr).

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Now what about AB for Keenan Allen and Sony Michel?

I’m still leaning AB. What do you think?

That is a lot closer, depends on your RB needs and your temp check on Michel. I’ve been a michel advocate and truther since the NFL draft and think he is a low end RB1 ROS. Mainly due to his 100% marketshare of goal line rushes and as the patriots leading rusher. So in that trade, you’re giving up a top 3 WR, for a top 6-8 WR and a top 12 RB. If you need the RB, it’s not a bad trade at all, if you don’t then I wouldn’t hate it if you stuck with AB.

I recently was in trade talks that was essentially Michel + JJS for AB. I personally value Keenan ALlen over JJS ROS but i like both. But that hopefully gives you a sense for things.

trading away AB physically pains me. I may just take the L this week with Fournette and Howard out.

Greatly appreciate it and good luck ROS