Temperature on Drake moving forward?

What do you all think about Drake moving forward? I actually drafted both Drake and Kyler in one league bc I was very bullish on them this year. I’m sure TDs will come, but I am a bit concerned with Kyler stealing more TDs from Drake than I’d prefer since he’s looking great on the ground this year. If you had kyler and Drake would you be looking to move one away?

You can test the waters for Drake, it depends on your league. Whoever has Barkley may be looking for another RB, since he is most likely done for the year. I also have Murray/Drake combo and I do believe that TDs will come for Drake. Was is actually decent against the run, but Drake had 20 carries last game. I would like his passing targets to increase but I think Edmonds is being used more as the passing down RB currently. Overall, you can see how your league feels about Drake, but I dont think you can go wrong with keeping him either.