Temperature on Lev Bell Situation

As a Bell owner, I wanted to get some therapy talk out of everyone. How is everyone feeling about this situation as a Bell owner? I dont know where I stand… I really fear a point of no return where the cat is out of the bag & then he sits 10 weeks & his trade value is very weak…

I also fear trading him & him returning the next day.

I almost feel most safe by getting something for him now while everything is still unknown? Especially since I was screwed out of James Conner on our waivers.

HELP! Need therapy. I am sure you all do as well lol

Bell owner here.
I’m just in a total holding pattern right now. I’m prepared for 6 games of production at the end of the season. Viewing it as a Josh Gordon situation from years past. If he reports earlier, GREAT! If not, oh well. No one out there is willing to trade what I need to justify bouncing him from my roster. I’m constructing the best team possible each week, while he sits on my bench. I’ve overcome top picks being hurt before, I can overcome this (cue “Champion” by Fall Out Boy)!

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I’m a bell owner also. I was also the mckinnon owner. I’m left with Marshawn, Duke, clement.

The only offer I have close to value is Kareem Hunt with Danny Amendola for Bell. Is this something you think you would accept?

I would love to have your outlook but I don’t have the depth to do it

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Wow, dude. I’m sorry.

But never give up! Never surrender!

To be honest man, I may be at the point to take Kareem for Bell. I know I would probably say the opposite in the future, but the unknown is very torturous to me. That is about the worst luck possible by the way man… you got this!

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Oh, I think I’d take the Hunt/Danny trade.

My rule in fantasy football is that it’s for enjoyment. So when there’s a headache situation like this, I tend to bail; I want a headache free team. It’s true that Lev may return at any time, but there are more storm clouds around this particular situation than there usually are. If I could get Kareem (you mean Hunt, don’t you?) for Bell right now, I’d take him, then I’d congratulate the (former) Hunt owner on acquiring a great back like Bell, breathe a huge sigh of relief, and set my lineup with Kareem Hunt in it while he moves Bell to his bench.


Your chance to trade him, was yesterday. His stock plummetted today after not showing up week 1, which shows that his agent wasn’t BSing when he said Bell was going to rest his body which makes week 10 return much more likely.

was on the forums a lot here yesterday but I think I told most people who had a fair deal to take it. Saw a lot of CMac/Hunt/JJ/MT offers out there and those were pretty fair for the most part.

Do you have Conner in that league? I. Would be so much more comfortable if I had Conner. trying to trade for the Connor Owner

Yeah, I would take that Kareem Hunt trade as well. Sucks that you weren’t able to get Conner.

I’m also a Lev Bell owner, but I was able to get Conner . . . should I just wait the situation out, or should I be feeling out some offers for Bell?

Yeah I’ve definitely been thinking that. I feel like it will be worse and worse each week he doesn’t show up too. It’s feeling like now or never .

To be honest man, I really hoped of more out of the footballers this week. I felt like they were avoiding questions about what to do with Bell trade wise. (If this is mike wright, still love ya man lol)

I agree. But I am also scared of him returning soon. But I also fear that he has no motivation to return. Or if you were to return the relationship between the teammates and Bill will be less than desirable. The unknown is the worst part

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Well to be fair, no one knows what was going to happen with Bell. Footballers wouldn’t know anymore than you or me. It’s all a guess / crapshoot. That’s why I’ve been telling everyone this week you need to understand your own risk tolerance. If you’re more risky, then hold/trade for bell. If you want to play it safer, than trade him before today cause after today passes and he doesn’t show, you won’t get anything close to what you could have gotten before.

I honestly don’t see a scenario where he shows after 2 weeks. Personally, I support bell 100%, even though it meant sacrificing the season in a few leagues. And the smartest thing to do now, is to just sit out till week 10 and take as little work as possible.

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I’m waiting it out, without Conner. Nice to have him.

The guys aren’t going to give poor advice just to give advice. I thought they were very transparent and upfront with their recommendations. It stinks to not know, but that’s the situation here, unfortunately. No insider stats or projections or even history can offer any extra insight.

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Would you guys trade bell for Howard and Allen Robinson or prefer Bell for hunt ?

That’s close, but if its PPR formats, I prefer Hunt. If Standard, then prefer other side.

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But if you can get diggs and Howard would you do that in ppr over hunt and Amendola?

Yeah. I’d take Diggs 100%. Full disclosure, I am the ultimate Diggs truther so I am higher on him that pretty much anyone.

I think you’re pretty safe. Not having Conner is miserable. I don’t know what to do