Temperature on Lev Bell Situation

Oh absolutely… it’s a mess all around. I value their thought process though… really wanted to hear more about their thought process as a Bell owner I’m sure they will though.

It’s an odd risk scenario though… it can be said that selling him early is the risky move or waiting it out carries the most risk.

So , you think if he doesn’t show this week, he won’t show until week 10?

Oh yeah I understand that. I was just hoping they would talk about their thought process in the perspective of a bell owner a bit more… still great information… or maybe my Bell stress is getting to me lol

Wait till week 2 see what news comes out, if there is still speculation and hes leaning toward sitting out till week 10 then try to trade him for a decent RB & WR combo. Im a Bell owner myself, but i was lucky enough to get Conner for a cheap price as insurance. I also shopped Bell around in my league but no one was bitting out of fear that he will sit till week 10. Wait 1 more week then regroup, see what happens


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Your trading window has passed lol. The fact that he sat out this week, means he is likely sitting till week 10. If you have Conner, just keep him. You’re not going to get anything for him.