Tempting trade

Morning all,

Currently 3-1

Team is:

Matt Ryan
M. Gordon
Devante Adams
George Kittle
Chris Hogan
Kerryon Johnson
Buck Allen
Duke Johnson
Geronimo Allison
Christian Kirk
Kenny Stills

Gotsikowski and Chargers D. Standard team set up but with an extra flex spot, half point PPR.

I’ve been offered OBJ, Fournette and Trey Bu Bu for Matt Ryan, Gordon and Kittle. I normally stream QB so not bothered about Ryan.

Should i do it?

FYI i’ll probs look to pick up Blake the Snake to stream this week at QB and Winston long term.

OBJ will improve and that 3 WR set is scary, but with Fournette hurt again and unable to remain healthy, you’re left reeeeallllllllll thin at RB.
Trey and Kittle are in the mix of guys that are interchangeable for TEs so that’s not selling me.
And Ryan is putting together a hell of a year.

I wouldn’t do it.

I think the Gordon to Fournette downgrade itself is enough to just strike this trade off the list. If you could take Gordon and Founette out of this, and then if you have very, very good streaming QB options available to you, it is worth some consideration to gain OBJ in a PPR league. But really only if you have good QB replacement options, bc Ryan has no reason to stop playing like this, esp w Devonta Freeman returning hopefully this week.

Ok thanks guys i turned it down and offered Ryan and Allison or Kerryon Johnson for Fornette.

Don’t expect him to accept.