Ten Lessons We Learned in Week 1 (Fantasy Football)

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Football is back, which means everyone is going to react rationally and remain calm after they see their favorite draft picks get meaningful snaps. No one is going to panic about week one, and everyone is going to be reasonable about preseason predictions. If only that were the case. Depending on which end of the…

GREAT article. #10 is so true. Good opportunities to buy low & sell high on players, this year especially.

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Like any market, this early volatility is a great opportunity to sell high and buy low. I am looking to sense fear in my leagues and make trades that I believe will stand strong in 3-4 weeks time when the dust has settled.
P.S. it was so much fun having the lizard king starting in a league yesterday… horrifically painful to have Bootie Scootin’ and Jared Gerf… voice of experience