Terelle Pryor

Pryor once again had a rather mediocre week and I’m beginning to loose all hope for him. Should I keep him and hope for the best or sell. And if sell, for who seeing that no one will be interested in him. Any advice is appreciated

I have the same issue. I have no idea what to do with him and was hoping for some answers here. I’m leaning towards dropping him for Marqise Lee.

Think your only option would be to keep him, unless you know someone in your league that just loves him and maybe you could get some value for him but would probably still be less than what hes actually worth. I think ya gotta hold him and just hope he gets it going in this new offense.

Try to trade first, I’m in the same situation. I put a couple of trades out, one for Sammy Watkins, (I know right) and then one packaged deal with Lamar Miller for Diggs. So shop him first, then drop

Your only hope is to package him in a deal. Do not drop him. And trading him 1 for 1 will most likely have you receiving less value.