Terrance West in Ingram's Absence?

What is Terrance West’s value in Ingram’s absence? He’s going undrafted so he’s basically a free/last round flyer so there’s no risk involved. He’s running behind one of the best O-lines, usually in positive gamescripts (so he might get some decent volume), but I have no clue. What do you think of him here?

Marginal to dart throw at best, I’d say. No guarantee he’s even the guy who splits work with Kamara.

I am a Saints fan so follow them closely. I’d keep an eye on Jonathan Williams rather than T West. If you remember back to 2016, Williams was playing pretty well for the Bills. Peyton loves West but he hasn’t been as impressive so far in camp.

The Bills also cut him with basically no backup plan behind McCoy. Teams aren’t always rational. I’d expect West to be the guy, if there is one.