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Terrelle Pryor or Devante Parker week 2? Standard league half point


Miami vs Chargers and Washington vs Los Angeles Rams. Pryor?Parker? or even consider S.Shepard?

Here is my starting lineup

QB- R.Wilson vs 49ers
RB- L.Bell vs Vikings
RB- J. Ayayi vs Chargers
WR- A.Thielen vs Steelers
WR- D.Parker vs. Chargers
TE- T. Kelce vs Eagles
FLX- T.Cohen vs Buccaneers
K. C. Santos vs Eagles
DEF- Panthers vs Bills

QB-D.Carr vs Jets
RB- M. Ingram vs. Patriots
WR- T.Pryor vs. Rams
WR- S. Shepard vs Detroit
WR- T.Gabriel vs Packers
TE-C.Fleener vs Patriots


Casey Haward shut down Emmanuel Sanders last week, and DeVante Parker will have to deal with him. I’d go with Pryor, it’s a little better for him and he will probably get the most targets.


Not sure I agree. 1) Washington’s offense looked like an abject disaster last week (maybe Philly’s D is that good, but I think part if it is Washington has a lot of work to do); 2) I’m not sure there’s any reason to believe Pryor is the top option in his own team (he was week 1, bit that doesn’t constitute a trend, and there are two guys with a proven rapport and history of production with Cousins); 3) great coverage has never stopped Cutler from force feeding his guy; 4) one if Parker’s supposed strengths is the jump ball/contested catch.

I would like to have a better choice than Parker, because I don’t love him this week due to the matchup, but I’m not convinced Pryor qualifies.


I did not say Pryor was the number 1 guy, but that, “he probably will get the most targets.” Or say there is a trend here either, but it’s a good sign. My stand is that he “may,” see more volume. We don’t see a trend, but a sign that this could be one. They do have some work to do as an offense, I think we all know this. Pryor is learning a new system especially.
We never know what’s going to happen, right?