Terrible at planning/ trading. What if these were your teams?

Trying to learn planning and trading. How should I attempt to fix these teams for the upcoming weeks? I am pretty lost when it comes to offering my players up and feel that it hinders alot of trade opportunities.

BYE week 6: Stafford, Kerryon, Tate, Golladay, Ingram

  1. 3-2 Record
    QB: Stafford, Winston
    RB: Bell, Howard, Morris, Kerryon, Penny
    WR: Tate, Juju, Hilton, John Brown, Nelson, Kirk
    TE: Cook

  2. 2-3 Record
    QB: Ryan, Winston
    RB: Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Michel
    WR: Evans, Kupp, Fitz, Ridley, Enunwa, Taylor
    TE: Vance

  3. 2-3 Record
    QB: Smith, Winston
    RB: Yeldon, Ingram, Cook, Kerryon, Henry
    WR: OBJ, Landry, Golladay, Godwin, Taylor
    TE: Gronk, Vance