Terrible Loss

Scored 54 points. Cant remember more poopers. Played Cousins, Cohen, evans, john brown, Njoku, e. Sanders and Baltimore D. Melvin Gordon got me 18 of that 54. What can you say? I guess its better now than Week 15? Good lord…

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Exactly, this week was rough for me as well. But I would rather have it happen now then in the Playoffs. Also I would rather have a crappy week then have my team put up 120 and lose,

Better than having the duds spread out sinking multiple weeks if you ask me :man_shrugging:

That is brutal. Weird how things work out. I thought I was going to get destroyed myself. My whole bench was on bye. Ended up not only killing it but also defeated the one loss team. No way did I think that was possible.

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I put up a pretty good 118 and got annihilated by 192. In Standard :confused:

It is wierd. 192 in standard is incredible. Sometimes I guess these types of losses help you make better playoff decisions. I have Ryan and Cousins and pmayed Kirk thinking the matchup was better. I think Ill roll Ryan from here on out.

That is wild. I’m in a standard league and I think the highest score we’ve had is like mid 140s.