Terrible Options But I Need 1

Blahhhhhh…0.5 PPR
Jordan Howard
Doug Baldwin
Courtland Sutton (Already Starting Sanders)
Ito Smith
Austin Ekeler
Josh Adams

Do you need safety or upside?
I really want to recommend Sutton, but Sanders caps your upside.

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Probably safety this week. I have terrible matchups this week. Baldwin and Sutton are on waivers, so I’d have to drop either Ito Smith or Josh Adams for either of them.

Sutton most likely provides that safety for you.

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Who would you drop for him? Ito or Adams?

I would go with Courtland Sutton

I don’t know. Sutton is dangerous because if the Bronco offense stalls, your two WR options are both going to be doomed, ya know? I always find it difficult to start two of the same position from the same team.

I would drop Ito and grab Baldwin. He just missed on a couple of opportunities from Russell Wilson and he really does look better than he has all season. I think having players from two different teams would be your best safety option.

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Agreed on Sutton. I don’t feel good playing him AND Sanders. Baldwin is the one I’ve been looking at. I’m really trying to find someone to play over Jordan Howard. Baldwin seemed like the best option to me too. Heck, I’ve even been looking at Austin Hopper and starting two TEs.