Terrible Start, potential big trade shakeup! Help!

0-5 start…eight teams make the playoffs out of 12 so can still grind! half ppr
Qb: Russell Wilson
RB: Fournette, Yeldon, James White, Dalvin, Crowell
WR: Kennan, John Brown, Larry, Quincy, Coutee
TE: Kittle

Potential trade would be sending Russell, Keenan, Leonard and Yeldon to receive Sanders Michel Mahomes and Conner. Thoughts on this deal?

I also have another trade offer to send only Leonard for ronald Jones and Corey Davis. he also has aaron jones so would be best to send Dalvin for Aaron and corey and then do the above trade with Leonard and Yeldon?

If you could get another comparable WR instead of Conner, I would make that deal. Conner becomes a huge question mark ROS after this week, and the Allen-sanders swap leaves you pretty week at WR.

he only has three receivers, Hogan, Sanders and Green. I think if im giving up Yeldon and Fournette i might need Green instead of sanders?

Yeldon/fornette can basically be viewed as one player though, as they dont have standalone value. I might try asking for something like Green, Mahomes, and Michel, and throwing in another WR on your end. When trades get this big, its hard to make things work though