Terry McLaurin sell high

Hey everyone, after the game he had at Miami I am looking to sell high at the wide receiver position. Wasn’t sure what would be a good target to get. I am good at each position except for the wide receiver. Let me know what are some options. Thanks

What can you sell him for now? Gas station sushi?

Would Julio Jones or deandre Hopkins be possible sorta like buy low sell high and if so would it be a wise move? Thanks

No one is going to accept that and you may get blackballed for sending that trade out. Id pair him with another piece if you’re gonna try to pull that off.

Lol thanks… that’s why I ask

Mclaurin ++ for those guys, and it would need to be an RB1/TE1 depending on roster construction and needs. Now Chris Godwin for either of them is an easier argument to make. He’s exceeded expectations but his QB is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get, and the other guys should have some upward regression to stud performance.