TEs to target in 14-team league

I’m in a deep 14 team PPR league and I am hurting at TE. (Drafted Irv Smith)

WW options are mostly gross - Trautman, Knox, Graham, Gesicki , Conklin (Irv’s backup) Juwan Johnson is there but idk if I buy his workload.

Anyways, barring those options, anyone got tips for a trade I could swing and/or who I could target with the assets I have? My team is:

QB Wilson / RBs Ekeler, M Sanders, M Gordon, Conner / WRs Metcalf, Kupp, Shepard, Watkins, and Meyers TE (currently A Firkser)

Anyone have any suggestions on who I could get with these options?

Well the obvious buy low candidate has to be Andrews as one of the big 5 TE on the year (I dont trust Pitts) you may be able to swing it if the owner is tilting already

Outside of trading for one because any of the other 4 would have a much higher cost I think Juwan in a pinch has to be the best shot on those waivers

Maybe connor or gordon involved in order to get a TE but never like RB for TE trades because your trying to get a limited position

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I would go with Trautman, he was targeted 6 times and Winston only threw 20 passes.


Yeah trading for a TE is tough. I feel like my most tradeable assets (aside from my locked in starters) would be Shepard or Gordon (trying to sell high on Wk 1). I’m just not sure who I could net with names like that that would be significantly better than a WW dart throw, y’know?

That’s true. Volume is king, even if Juwan benefited more in the RZ. I hate TE lol I always have this problem. every year because it’s always a wasteland.

Winston isnt known for his low volume… Id say thats clearly an outlier when he also threw 5tds and GB couldnt even touch the ball

But Trautman isnt a terrible thought any of these waivers is certainly a dart throw
Id still be on the Juwan side

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Anyone have thoughts on Engram? I noticed he is on the bench for the Darren Waller owner.

This is the other problem, with the league being so deep (as well as couple autodrafters :roll_eyes: ) there a couple teams that have multiple TEs. Everyone else is stuck with their one and since it’s such slim pickens it would probably take a lot to pry one away from someone.

The mark andrews owner has ARod, DMont, Fournette, Davante, Ridley, and Lockett with a bench of Marvin jones, Singletary, Ingram, and Lindsay

Just pick up Gesicki. Having a top 10 TE in a 14 team league is adequate enough.