Tevin Coleman and golden Tate for Michael Thomas?

Should I trade Tevin and Tate for Thomas? I have Brees. 12 team standard

You can try, but as the Thomas owner, I would not accept that offer. Coleman has been inefficient this year compared to years past. He’s a free agent after this season, so I can see a scenario where they want to see what they have in Ito before he hits free agency. Also, Ito has got a chunk of the goal to go carries the last couple weeks. In short, I wouldn’t assume Coleman will be the stud you might expect with Freeman out.

I think it all depends on both of your teams. I would make that trade under certain circumstances as a michael thomas owner. Its a fair trade. Just make sure this move is right for your team.

I suppose it’s possible, but that’s hard for me see unless you’re high on Coleman and very low on Ito. I don’t trade studs without getting something close to that in return. Thomas is a top 5 WR. Coleman and Tate are not close to top 5 at their position rest of season.