Tevin Coleman for a 2019 first? I get Coleman?

Dynasty league

I haven’t played in a dynasty league before. who would be a comparable player selected in the 1st round of a dynasty draft?

2019 college draft prospect. There’s no telling. Lol

do you have an idea of where the pick will be in the 1st round?

it would be your 1st rounder, so what was your record this year?

Here’s the situation: I hold an owners 1st (2019) and it’s my only 1st in 2019 that I personally own. He is in the position with Jordan Reed left on his team to play week 13, and he needs > 11.92 from reed to secure a playoff birth. Our rookie draft seeding is weird, and is based on which bracket you’re in. Winner bracket is bottom 6 pick, losers bracket a top 6 obviously however the finishing standings of the losers bracket determines draft order. This owner has a pretty solid chance at making a decent run in the consolation bracket. My decision is should I attempt a trade with this owner and capture the surefire value of his ability to lock himself into a upper First or do I risk it and hope for an upper first myself?

Note: he holds Hunter Henry and my one obvious weak spot is TE (currently Burton and Mike G,) followed by RB but the disparity is decent. He also holds assets like Edmonds, Coleman… lesser of course but could also help fill holes.

He offered Coleman for the first about 30 min ago

Coleman is about to be a FA isnt he?

I’m relatively new to dynasty so idk how these usually play out, my guess would be that he is sought after by a team that is RB needy. He could end up really paying off where you are taking risk by drafting any rookie player.

If the trade doesnt close then wait until after the game tonight to accept or deny. If the team with the pick is in the losers bracket, they probably have a chance at winning and could be a really valuable pick, if it slips to a bottom 6, you have a reason to take coleman.

Edit: I should also mention the risk of coleman’s FA, he could go to a team that doesnt utilize him the same or they also have a few other RBs and he doesnt make the cut or gets beat out by a rookie or something, who knows haha