Tevin Coleman for Evan Engram? I get Tevin

This was proposed to me straight up. I also have Ito Smith. Should I just jump on this opportunity since I have Ertz and Graham too? Or can Engram fetch me someone better later on with a couple good games?

I accepted. Here’s to hoping the Falcons keep scoring a trillion points since I am going to be starting Ryan, Ito, Tevin, Sanu, Tavecchio, and maybe Hardy. Good lord I am such a homer lol. I can’t deal with depending on Doug Martin to get carries ROS. I think this was necessary. Plus, I don’t have faith that the Giants will keep playing hard all season. And Eli doesn’t even like playing football.

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I thunk that’s a pretty solid return and as you don’t need Engram it’s a win.

Any advice for my free agent dilemma?

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Yea love Coleman over engram

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Thanks @FelixSS and @James89 . Might try to flip Jimmy Graham as well after Philly’s bye. Might be past the deadline though unfort. I wonder what I could get for him. Gotta get rid of Cam or Matt Ryan too, and Houston or MIN defenses. All of this multi position ownership is inadvisable I know haha but it was forced. I just can’t really lose more than two more times or else I’m toast. Maybe 3 more.

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Jimmy will have value for sure, make sure you can shop him next week if not someone may be willing to now as they get a TE past the bye ROS and one they can leave in - to a weak TE team that is worth something for sure!
I guess you’ll need a QB if you trade Ryan so I might shop him instead as Cam you can just leave in ROS.
Ds can be usefull times for package trades but if not just cut ties with one and stream. I like Houston for the next three weeks until their bye week, Vikes are a good name D to shop and they are also in bye in week 10 I think so useless to keep both at this point.

Ryan, Vikings D and Graham would be my choice to shop. Maybe even a three for 2 or 1 if you can get someone to be dazzled by getting three players for a solid starter ROS

Thanks man totally agree w this too. I think I may shop Cam instead and stream Ryan’s off week so I can have the stack w all the other Falcons, but either way they are similarly valued. I was thinking graham, Vikings, and Cam/Ryan might get me like Diggs or D Adams + some lesser player with some upside, or an injury case even. Are those somewhat reasonable targets for a team that needs this stuff would you say? WR talent is more useful than RB in my league Bc of yardage milestones and the relative ease getting to 100 receiving yards vs RB’s who are judged more on all purpose these days. Feel like I could get maybe D Adams + Conner from one team who can’t get Bell for himself. I know they’ll ask for Ertz tho and I’m not giving him up.

Trying to do trades with good record teams like yours ha, since they aren’t really my issue when it comes to making the playoffs…that’s who just got Engram from me, but he was undervaluing Tevin for a long time already. I think everyone is frankly. I see he and Ito scoring 20 combined every week at a minimum. That’s just fine by me with other,
better pieces and a great QB and some luck

It’s full PPR btw. 1 point for 40 yard plays, 2 points for 100 yards, another for 150, so on. 5 pt passing TD’s which is also why I wanna keep Ryan over Cam.

Definetly worth a play fur Adams but after last week his price might be too high. Diggs could be getable though.

I think it all depends on how your league mates value the QB. I know my league can get a big starry eyed if I dangle a top QB and a skill position guy to a lot of them and could get Diggs with ease and Adams with some talking and maybe a WR if I had the option… worth trying for sure though man

Thanks bro. Yeah that just might work. Best qb stream option right now is probably Brock lol. Adams prob too pricey now though true.

I mean don’t cripple yourself the week you need a QB but if others need a QB Cam or Ryan will carry a good price on their own especially Cam as you can set it and forget it.
See what you can get done though hope you can get a decent return!

Yeah, I guess I needed someone to talk me out of trying to assemble the whole Falcons team lol.

Lol some players for sure but I limited myself to three per team - certainly if I’m starting them! One bad game and you essentially lose so I’d be careful in that regard if it was me

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