Tevin Coleman for McCaffrey

Offered TE Austin hooper and tevin Coleman

Give up Zach ertz and Christian McCaffrey

Take trade?

Idk what the rest of your roster looks like but i wouldnt be taking that

HAHAHAHAHA Hell no. Why are you even considering this trade?


True I do have dalvin cook as well.
Just weak in the Wr2 and flex

How is this helping either of those 2 things?


Haha that’s what I was thinking. For CMC alone you could get whoever you want. If you have Cook and CMC I would just stream for your WR2. You’ll be just fine.

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Ummm yeah, nope.

Yea just sucks only true WR1 I have is Micheal thomas(bye)
Since robert woods is taking a dumb.
Besides that I have
Marvin Jones Jr
Kenny stills
Phillip Dorsett
Robby anderson

Robby going forward should be just fine IMO