Tevin Coleman for Miles Sanders

Thinking about scooping up Tevin Coleman from the WW. I like how he looked on Monday and he was supposed to be the RB 1 going into the season before he got hurt.

My RB’s are:

Saquads Barkley
Chris Carson
Josh Jacobs
Carlos Hyde
Miles Sanders

Drop sanders since he hasn’t produced too much yet? I know he has potential with the pass catching but Jordan Howard taking those End zone snaps is killing me.

Thoughts clan?


I would probably drop Hyde before Sanders. I think Sanders has higher upside. Suprised Coleman is on the WW, I think he is a must add. Anyone else you could drop? can never have too many RBs…


Yeah great point. sander’s upside is greater and Hyde is an “average” filler at best with not much passing at all. We haven’t seen Sander’s ceiling yet.

I’m not sure who else to drop, i do love RB’s but this league has 1QB, 3WR, 2RB. 1TE, 1 SFLEXX

Here’s my roster

Carson Wentz
Andy Dalton

Forgot to mention i have Josh Jacobs on bye
the rest are mentioned above

Mike Evans
Curtis samuel
Christian Kirk
Dede Westbrook

Thanks! :metal:

yeah I would say drop Dalton, but assuming you can start a 2nd qb in the super flex…

I would say hyde or MVS probably. Hyde is basically a 10 point max, maybe 15 on his best week.

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Yes you can start 2QBs or else I wouldn’t dare roster 2 at a time! lol

Yeah MVS has done squat with Devonta Adams out and Rogers hasn’t been the same.

I feel you Coleman has more potential since he’s on a better team this year and the 9ers are running the ball gerat. The texans run through D Watson, hyde is just consistent but low ceiling.


Coleman is better than both Hyde and Sanders. I would honestly drop Hyde over Sanders. I think Sanders has a higher ceiling of the 2, and both will be sitting on your bench most weeks so even though Hyde is probably better now that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

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Done sir!

Im really liking the SF run game and yeah both would be on my bench as bye week fillers.