Tevin Coleman or 1st round rookie pick

Is Tevin worth moving for a 1st rd rookie pick or would you hold on to him in the hope he lands in a good spot via free agency next year? I have Freeman.

I’m all for taking a pick this year. I think that Tevin’s value next year is entirely dependent upon McKinnon’s play this year. If McKinnon performs up to his 2nd round draft price then Tevin will get paid/overdrafted next year.

But when was the last time that a player was a backup for four years then suddenly broke out as a second round value? It just seems like a long shot to me.

I’d rather gamble on an upside rookie than a 5th year break out.

Coleman is a superior running back to McKinnon. What McKinnon does has no bearing on what Coleman will do. McKinnon just is not a good RB. Period. Point blank. People need to come to terms with it. Wouldn’t even be shocked if they let McKInnon go and sign coleman next year.

I’d keep Coleman unless you think it’s going to be a super early pick. Coleman has proven that he is a more than capable 3 down back during the times Freeman was out.

Coleman already broke out. We’ve seen him play. Only reason why he can’t put out production is cause Freeman is better and gets majority of the workload. Only worry with Coleman is he has that health issue.

Sounds like there are Tevin Coleman believers out there… should mean good trade value, if nothing else.

I’ll take 2 years of a starting rookie RB over a backup in Tevin this year and hope for him being a starter next year.

How do you know your rookie will start this year? Which rookies other than Barkley right now is a lock to start for the full year? Also, that means you have to secure an early pick as well which I don’t know if its the case.

Even if the rookie does start, how do you know they won’t bust? ROJO was a top 4 pick 2 months ago. Now he can’t even beat out Peyton Barber.

I think you’re looking at this with dreamers eyes, the reality is, half rookies bust anyways. Coleman has proven he can produce even as a committee RB and has shown he has the 3 down skill set to also get 20+ touches and game and produce.

Depends where the pick is - obviously opportunity to get Saquon makes it easy, but my view is that I’d rather have Penny, Michel and maybe even Royce than Tevin this year given the uncertainty of where he goes. What if he doesn’t get a great opportunity or its something like Dion Lewis in Ten where he will split time? Take a better opportunity to become a #1 back right now than punting to next year.

You said it yourself “Freeman is better.” The only way that Tevin gets a full workload this year is with an injury to Devonta. I’d rather bet on Michel/Royce/Penny/Chubb/Kerryon winning a starting role on skill than hoping for an injury and a favorable landing spot. At worst, the majority of those names gets a similar role to what Tevin has now in ATL.

When it comes down to it, we’re likely talking about a bench player on a dynasty squad. I’ll take the hope of young talent all day long. If that was the only way to think, no trade would ever happen and the league would be boring. Differing opinions on something so theoretical are what drive roster change and competition.

You’re going to have to explain this one to me. I don’t see the connection at all.

False. At worst, they never start an NFL game. Most rookies drafted in the 1st round of rookie drafts bust. Even with Freeman, Coleman can produce as an RB2. Or RB1 which is what he was in 2016.

Point is, he’s may not be a bench player on a dynasty squad. What happens if Bell leaves and Coleman signs with steelers next year? What if when McKinnon busts, 49ers sign him next year? Then you have a potential workhorse 3 down back who already starts in the NFL. All of these are very realistic possibilities. Are they gambles? sure but so is any rookie RB you take. especially this class plagued with injuries and questionable situations.

Also, you’re basing your entire arugment on him being able to secure a top pick in the draft to even get a top running back prospect. If you read my first sentence, i specifically state, if he thinks its a super early pick, then you could make the trade. But if not, then I’d keep coleman.

Thanks for all of the feedback and discussion. The pick would be in the 6-11 range. Points are valid, keep and use him this year and have as backup to Freeman and hope for a solid landing spot next year or gamble on the rookie.

If its 6-11 spot, then it’s not even close for me. I’d rather have Coleman.