Tevin Coleman or Alex Collins for the rest of the season

Assuming a trade includes one of these two RBs, who would be preferable to retain or acquire for the rest of the year?

Worth noting the league is 1/2 ppr

In regular situation (Freeman healthy) Alex Collins has a bit more value than Coleman, whenever Freeman is out then its clear Coleman>Collins. However I still don’t like how the Ravens use Collins, so I may lean Coleman anyway, as what I’m getting is more predictable.

Seemed like Collins got the lionshare of the workload on Sunday week 3. You think that this is not well indicative of go-forward projections?

It very well could be, but the same thing happened at the end of the season last year where Buck Allen took away from the production when it seemed Alex Collins was taking most of the carries. I expected Collins to start the season with heavy usage and again he had 2 meh weeks.

Maybe this is just in my head and was circumstantial.