Tevin Coleman or Chris Thompson?

I have Tevin Coleman on my bench, but I see Chris Thompson is available. Is this a shrug of the shoulders, a wait, see what happens, or is it worth a shot to go get Chris Thompson and Jay Gruden and dump Tevin.

Depends what your RB depth is and if it’s a PPR. If Raheem goes down, Tevin will have a ton of upside. Tevin also could randomly be put into the game. 49ers have a phenomenal D and will be run heavy. Thompson has a lot of value, but the injury risk is concerning. If I knew Thompson would be healthy, I’d take him. Jacksonville will be in a lotta negative game scripts and Thompson will be heavily involved. Basically, Thompson has more value right now. If you’re set at RB, I’d take my shot on Thompson. That was a long way to say that I think I’d go Thompson.


I would try to find someone else to drop, but if it’s down to those two, I’m leaning toward Chris Thompson. I’m also just not a big fan of Coleman - feels like we’ve already seen his ceiling. Thompson could end up having a pretty nice role with the Jags likely throwing a ton.

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