Tevin Coleman or Damien Williams, need help

Who should I roll with it’s a .5 PPR. Both good matchups, both at home. Williams scares me not knowing the work load. Ito Smith a little banged up too. Kinda leaning Coleman.


Coming from a Chiefs fan, have a feeling the Chiefs are going to get DARREL Williams involved quite a bit.

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I would go with the high octane offense which is the Chiefs.

So then stick with Tev?

No we both said go with Williams

No D La said to go with DARREL Williams, not Damien, who I agree with, but I would go Coleman just because I don’t have a good feel on who will be the lead back in this backfield tonight, and all3 could take away from one another

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Yes thank you like he didn’t say Damien which confused me I don’t trust the rookie Darryl